Pain & Norway

Friday, May 29, 2015

So I today I came home from a short trip to Norway, just one night stop which was quite nice.
I first flew up yesterday as not active crew so I sat buy the window and I was amazed on how beautiful Bergen is.
   I would say that Bergen has been my favorite view so far from up in the clouds.
I kicked of my day with avocados, cashew nuts, bananas and citrus fruit. I was so energized for my active flight to Ålesund. It was such a fun day, I hadn't worked on ATR (propeller plane) for some weeks so it was fun to make a change from Boeing 737. I love how my schedules have a mix of the two different planes.
  Back at the hotel I headed straight to the restaurant and the waitress at Clarion was lovely, she was so understanding of my paleo needs.

This morning I made an lovely salad from the breakfast buffet and after that I decided to try a new workout video on youtube.
    It was only a twenty minutes long workout video but after only ten minutes I had to stop.. My abs felt like they were going to explode. Wow!!
   Right now every little tiny move of my body is feeling like crazy pain in the abs. I will definitely try to finish the workout on Sunday (after my abs muscles has recovered a bit) but until then I will stick to leg and arm workout.
  This was the video that I'm talking about: Advanced Total Abs Workout
And here is my favorite arm workout: Favorite Fun Arm Workout

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