Best Travel Memories Are Made With Other People

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I'm in Trondheim Norway right now, I was listening to a nice song and I was thinking of happy travel memories. I have so many of them.

One of them is from when I was working in Croatia and I had badly injured my leg and I was on my way to the hospital. I was taking a ferry from one island to the mainland. In the ferry office a couple could recognize that I was in pain and just came to my rescue helping me carrying my bags. 

When we were on board I thanked them for helping but they insisted on further helping me. This beautiful young woman called Laura insisted on her boyfriend driving me on his motorcycle to the hospital. 

When you travel you meet so many amazing people. 

So my number one travel tip is, take a moment, look around, ask the person next to you where he/she is going and why. It's such an easy question and you can get the most interesting conversations.

Yesterday I asked a lady who she was knitting for -"Not for just one person but many, I knit blankets for babies who are born to early and I send it for them to Africa". 

Lieseloth one of my favorite people here on this little planet called earth. I met her while traveling.

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