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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today I booked my flight tickets for the The Yacht Week Cocktail Party on October 23:rd.
I got so excited and I immediately started to think of my must have accessories to take with me.

1.) Victoria Secret Passport Cover: Protect your passport from damage and be chic at the same time.

2.) Michael Kors Sunglasses: I enjoy the sleek look of the aviator Michael Kors sunglasses I own, they dress up a dull outfit and help you out the morning after a long night at the club.

3.) Dior Lipstick: I keep my lips moisturized and fresh looking with a pinch of pink on my lips with this pink lipstick from Dior.

4.) Dolce Gabbana Desire perfume: This perfume are as beautiful to look at as it is smelling amazing.

5.) Tiamo Heels: I enjoy my new pair of Tiamo shoes, I might make art of them since they already kind of are.

- Lots of love - emma

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