Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two weeks ago I came out from the fog of always wanting more stuff. 

The stuff was suffocating. Since I have sold a lot of stuff and I'm still doing so. I sold an old Polaroid camera that I love so much to look at but was too expensive to use and it kind of lost its value to me so it was time to let go I sold it. 

Today I sold my Louis Vuitton bag, it has only been in my possession for a few months but I realize I bought it for the wrong reasons.

I want to be surrounded by a few things that have a function or that I simply love so much - I don't want to have stuff around me that has no value to me, no function or use. 

I still have so much clutter to let go - but I'm on to a good start. To keep me inspired I listen to the minimalist podcast and I watch a lot of minimalists youtubers since I have never been a minimalist at heart I have always been full of clutter in mind and I really have to educate myself and remind myself to stay in check - I'm excited to see the outcome.

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