Friday, August 26, 2016

So in august I have had the amazing opurtunity to have two longhaul flights to Washington for the first time.

My first layover in Washington was a sunny and hot august afternoon -  I went on a walk down to The White House,  I was amazed on how small it looked like in real life. The vibe was really exciting with a mix of political protesters, people on a break from their work drinking coffe in the grass and best of all I saw someone doing a propose for his girlfriend.

On the evening I took a guided walking tour here called "Dark Side Of Dupont & Embassy row". It was the perfect guided walking tour, a mix of historic facts, trivia and funny scandals of Washington Dc's history. Free tours is free, the only thing you pay it the tip, that is the guides salary. Here is a link Free Tours.

I have also taken the Georgetown tour but that one was not as interesting.

On the morning I went and bought cupcapes that I could give to my flight attentat co workers on our flight home to Copenhagen since it would be my birthday.

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