Vlog 1

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I'm so excited and a little bit nervous that I have now posted my very first vlog on youtube. Previously I have posted sit down youtube videos where  I have felt secure and comfortable.

I have always loved watching vlogs, for example, Casey Neistat, Jon Olsson, Fly With Stella, Janni Deler and Gabriella Lindley is just to mention a few. I find them inspiring and fun to watch so last year I started to film bits here and there on my layovers but I didnt feel confident enough to put something out on youtube but I have realised that sometimes you just should go for it. That it can be a good thing to go out of your comfort thing for something you love. Which in my case is filming, editing and creativity. I'm not good at it but that does not matter I will surely become good at it after time.

I would love for you to watch my fist vlog which is me on a layover in Chicago


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