Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What better way to explore than by foot?

Borough Market - Perfect for a walk before lunch when it's less crowded

Sea bass at Zuma restaurant 

California rolls at Zuma restaurant
Yesterday I had lunch at Zuma restaurant in Knightsbridge, so here is a little review.
It's located in Knightsbridge just around the corner from Harrods.
You are greeted buy two lovely girls, one will take your coat away and the other one will find your table for you.
I waitress will tell you the recommendations if you ask for it and then you will get a warm towel to freshen up your hands.
It's an open kitchen which I love since it becomes a nice view, especially if you are having lunch alone like I was.
Zuma Bellini - Fresh and sweet drink.
Moscat d'asti - I normally enjoy a moscat d'asti but this one was just not that interesting.
California rolls - Exciting flavors served with wasabi and soy.
Sea bass - Served with lemon and a spicy tomato mix.
Fruit platter with guava sorbet - Lovely but way to big it felt more like a size for four people.
70 pound
It was such a nice meal and I truly recommend it.

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