Can you afford a personal trainer? Louis Vuitton bag?

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The answer is most probably - YES!
Do you have a budget? Or do you just shop a little here and there.
A lot of the time if I want something I just buy it, if I want to have a coca cola I will buy one instead of saving that money for something else.
If you have the same issue there is a big chance that you can afford that special Louis Vuitton handbag or that personal trainer.
You just have to start thinking on where you put your money.
If its really hard for you to imagine where you put your money - pay with only cash for a week.
Then you can have a daily amount of cash in you wallet for each day and you will see how quickly those money can disappear to small nick nacks.
I made a picture on how you can afford the monthly price of personal trainer with appointments two times a week if you don't spend the money on stuff like coca cola, random blouse from H&M and fast food.

Har du råd till en Louis Vuitton handväska, en personlig tränare två gånger i veckan eller en annan dröm? Ja förmodligen!
Om du slutar lägga pengar på små saker som några coca cola där, chips här och där, färdigmat samt det där oplanerade köpet ifrån H&M så har du plus minus noll råd till kostnaden av en personlig tränare.
På bilden ovan kan man se kostnaden av en PT (två gånger i veckan i sex månader) 1989kr jämfört med diverse oplanerade och onödiga kostnader.

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